Saturday, November 30, 2013

I. Pascale Pollier

Pascale Pollier, Confronting Mortality, mixed media, life size, 2007.
 Model portrays a man contemplating his own mortality. -was created for the exhibition held at the conference “Confronting Mortality with Art & Science."     

  BIO:      An alchemist at heart, her work begins with observation and experimentation but is however steeped in solid scientific research and findings. Pollier is a biomedical artist, who is interested in the melding of art and science. 
Pascale's education includes a Diploma with a distinction, in Fine art painting and sculpture. She has also completed a post graduate with The Medical Artist's Education Trust in Belgium
-President and Co-Founder of BIOMAB (Biological and Medical Art in Belgium) Founder of International collaboration 'Art Researches Science' 

-Pascale has exhibited throughout Belgium, London and USA. Achieved winner at The Ronald Raven Barber's Award in 1998. Since then she has worked within many medical and art positions. Her research has resulted in films and in 2007 was the author of the book 'Confronting Mortality with Art and Science'.

-Materials she work with are wax, clay, plastoline, sculpey, oil paint, silicone, polyester, human hair and other natural materials

Artist overall statement: “ Life and nature in all its beauty and strength, fragility and disease, mortality and death – all this and more is what inspires me"

How it relates to theme:
This sculpture depicts a man trying to make sense of his mortal nature BUT even though this sculpture is represented as a symbol of death, Pollier considers this sculpture to be a celebration of life; 
Something Beautiful. 
Why I chose this artist: It's the complexity of her sculptures that stood out to me; the specific detail she puts into them makes them look, accurate and realistic (pretty awesome). & i like how she portrays her art "allowing us to feel the body through seeing it"

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